Welcome to Befriend Your Body Therapies.

Do you long to feel well and able to access your vibrancy in life?

Are you suffering from any or all of the following:

Life can feel like a constant challenge on the inside and outside. Living in the world with any of these conditions can lead to you just about losing hope that you’ll ever feel ‘normal’ or that your body will ever stop giving you pain and discomfort.

Perhaps you’re just not able to keep up with friends because having a social life takes energy which you just don’t have. Maybe the emotions have become too overwhelming after trying so hard to heal your body and you just want to find a simple, clear path to balance, peace and positivity in your life.

I’m Mari and I’m experienced in working with people who have reached this place of overwhelm. I know that the health and pain conditions are real and that they cause huge distress. I help people to find a way out of hopelessness and connect more to inner and outer understanding and support.

I will listen to you and offer a therapeutic relationship that will enable you to build safety and stability around what is happening within you. Sessions with me take place in my therapy space and I also offer therapeutic Nature Connection in sessions in the outdoors, where appropriate for your needs in your healing process.

It’s really possible to transform a life of struggling to cope, into a life that gives you more choice and connection to what supports you to thrive. If you feel you’re ready to take a step toward getting the help you need, contact me for a free 20 minute consultation to discuss your options and a way forward!