Welcome to Befriend Your Bodywith Mari Winkelman, counsellor and integrative body and movement therapist.

Are you looking for healthier ways to deal with problems in your life? Our thoughts and actions ripple out into our lives and if you want to make a change, I may be able to help. Click here if you wish to contact me for support.

Current science is now providing plenty of evidence which backs the ancient wisdom that our mind and body are inseparable: physical and mental health affect each other. If we get support which recognises and addresses symptoms of body and mind – thoughts, feelings, sensations and movements – our health is restored more profoundly in our whole being. This is my intention for each of my clients and I tailor what I offer to meet you where you are. Take a look at how I work and get in touch via my contact page if you feel I could be of help.

I also write a blog which covers topics relating to health, self care and therapy and this may be useful to accompany you in some aspects of any issues affecting you. You can sign up to receive posts by email below: