Grief Tending in Community  Indigenous cultures are increasingly sharing their ways to gather and express grief in community, seeing it not as something we need to go through alone. They believe there is no other way to process it. We too, have come to believe this. That our grief is a gift to the community, our collective prayer of belonging and we now seek our own way to share it together. Join us in ceremony and community to open to and express our grief for what we have lost and are losing – both personally and collectively.
Our afternoon together will be based on the work of Francis Weller, Joanna Macy and our mentor Azul Valerie Thome, whom herself has trained with Francis, Joanna and Sobonfu Some. We will spend time connecting to our bodies on the land, time connecting to our gratitude and will make a ceremonial space to welcome and express our grief in these times.
All grief is welcome here, wether through personal loss, changes in circumstances, our sorrow for the world or the grief of our ancestors… all is welcome.
Grief has always been communal, always been shared and regarded as a sacred process. Too often in modern times our grief becomes private, carrying an invisible mantle of shame forcing our sorrow underground, hidden from the eyes that would offer healing.’ Francis Weller
Where: Stroud Community Agriculture Roundhouse, Hawkwood, Stroud When: December 8th 1.15-5.30pm Cost: £25 – concessions available (to cover costs and time)
Booking essential – Book through Mari on or see for more information 

Held by Mari Winkelman and Peter Gill, supported by Eve Waters and Dominique Ammon