Therapy for Loss and Grief of any kind

Are the everyday things in life starting to feel overwhelming, as if there’s no space step back from them and breathe? Does it feel like there is something gnawing away at you on a physical level causing stress, anxiety or depression? However you are feeling, you are welcome to read further and contact me to arrange a free 20 minute consultation if what I have written seems helpful.

Living can feel like hard work if you are feeling the loss of an important person in your life; or if you suffered a very damaging trauma and have felt unstable in yourself ever since. There’s also the grief from opportunities lost or taken from us which can be hard to fully let go of.

Today’s world is full of the pain of loss. We hear news every day about environmental crisis and social upheavals. The growing awareness of our ecological and social emergencies are breeding anxiety, grief, rage and a sense of great powerlessness amongst those of us who care about life. It is natural to feel grief but often there is often complexity as loss and fear of losing what we love and need get tangled up. Now could be the time to get help.

If you are looking for a therapist who can help you untangle and release your grief in body and mind, and find peace and creativity within you again, please do contact me. I offer a free 20 minute telephone consultation when we can discuss the next step you’ll take towards the help you need. Contact me and we can book you in.

Sessions are £50 per hour, or £70 for 90 minutes.