Regular Classes

I am offering an online zoom version of Living Body Movement classes during the next few months of 2020 until restrictions on social contact are lifted and we can safely meet together again. Please join my mailing list to keep uptodate.

Classes are wonderful for bringing you closer contact and creative relationship with your bodymind and offer time to recuperate from your weekend/week!

Each class has a focus:
cellular processes and breath – self-fulfilling and restorative of resource in your body
Living bones – relational, sensate and adaptive structure
Exploring muscular mind – experiencing habit and exploring intuitive guidance in skeletal, digestive and heart muscles.
Digesting life and the life in our digestive tract
Immunity and living with responsive boundaries
Glandular energy and balance

Each class has a structure:
-Time to settle into body awareness and connect to how you are
-Check in with a brief ‘how are you’?
-Outline of the focus for the class
-1 hour guided awareness and movement
-30 mins free movement / rest to music
-Time to rest and complete
-closing sharing of individual experience, weaving a sense of the whole group experience in diversity and commonality.

Rest is valued as much as movement in this class. In resting we allow our body to replenish energy and receive input from our own touch, movement and imagination which integrates and influences our energy and movement in cycles. No one person’s process looks or feels the same, which is the beauty of our diversity.

Here is a link to a post I’ve shared about my Living Body Movement classes.