New Sunday date for Bodymind Movement

Tuesday evening classes continue from 30 October til 4 December. Please check if you can come to the afternoon workshop I’m offering on Sunday 9 December! See flier for details and Please book in advance. This is for regular Tuesday movers and those who can’t do Tuesday eves or who want to dip a toe in..!

The focus for Sunday 9th will be on the physical processes by which our cells offer us life: containment, fluid, presence of being, nourishment, release, activity and rest, birth and death; and how these basics evolve in our skin, our bones and our fluidity. We cannot access more than we already have within us, but for most of us, what we have within is not well understood by us. There is support here for going there, receiving ourselves more fully and walking out more aware of this wisdom that is there for the harvesting every moment!

“The class gave me space to really feel into my body systems – creating a sense of whole-me; as well as a reminder that I can really slow down in my interactions with my body. That led to a profound interaction between myself and an incredibly neglected part of my body later that day.” – recent participant

I’m aware how many more of us are still seeking ways to engage more deeply with our bodies as fundamental to our experience of ourselves in the world: intuitive and instinctive authority, as well as our patterns and habits, our amazing resourcefulness and resilience and our longing for connection more broadly to life. In my classes, I offer a safe, contained space to practice exploring opening our bodyminds together, sharing and learning from each other in enquiry… not fixing, not being right or wrong, just being more engaged.