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Posted by Stroud Sisterhood on Thursday, March 7, 2019
A short filmed piece from a living body movement session I led in a local art gallery in 2019 – the theme was honouring earth with our bodies and I guided in word and movement. It’s hard to film my classes so I hope this gives you an idea of my way with

I’m regularly applying my bodymind approach to movement and life experience in various ways as a facilitator and co-facilitating with others. As of April, due to the virus and social isolation policies, I am shifting my Tuesday evening group online. You can find details below.

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Below I’m sharing something about my philsophy and approach to embodiment and movement. The intention of all my practices is to support you to feel at home in your body in order to access more of your innate wisdom, creativity and authority.

What is your body’s wisdom? As Mary Oliver wrote: ‘let the soft animal of your body love what it loves’… The wisdom is in knowing through direct experience through our body sensations: what we love, what is too much or too little, what nourishes and what stresses us. The creativity and authority come when we can respond to this wisdom and bring our awareness of desires and limitations to shape our boundaries and behaviours in each moment.

Your body knows these things within the detail of your physical being: your nervous system and your cells. The sensations and the rhythms of your physical body can contribute to our ways of living, guide you and challenge you to really pay attention to what matters to you. So, how do you begin to understand the ways your body communicates wisdom with you?

I offer classes and workshops which encourage opening attention inward to your body’s sensitivity, intelligence and spontaneity. Intuitive body awareness comes when you attentively breathe into your body and feel what’s there.

I offer a physiological ‘map’ or orientation based on the embodied anatomy trainings of Linda Hartley to help you ‘journey’ inside and connect to the sensations and movements within your body. Whether you feel tired or energised, my classes allow you to go at your own pace and to feel a part of a larger movement in the group, which is made up of the individual movements. We are all interconnected even when we are deeply focused within, just as in life.

I co-facilitate experiences in Nature which offer deep nourishment of body and soul through remembering the interconnected breath, movement and non-verbal exchanges we have when we sense with touch, smell, sight and hearing that Nature is all around us. Details of outdoor groups I am co-facilitating are here

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What previous workshop participants have said:

“When I first entered the beautiful studio for Mari’s session, I did not know what to expect.  What happened was a journey of authentic movement which involved heightened consciousness of my own being (I think that is what Mari would call ‘somatic movement’) gently and wonderfully facilitated by Mari.  It was also a safe space, with permission and encouragement to completely be and honor oneself.  Upon its completion and for hours afterwards, I felt I had gone deep into my bodymind and I hold deep appreciation for both the journey and the facilitator.  I recommend Mari and the journey!’  ~ SJ, Author and Healer

“I found myself seeing my bones and behaving as a cell. My movements were totally led from a sensing impulse not a thought and movements were strong and dynamic at the same time as being effortless and DEEPLY cleansing and nourishing. I’ll be back.” – CO, Mother and Entrepreneur

‘Through journeying with Mari’s ‘Finding home in your body’ work I have been opened to healing, presence and peace. In her facilitating I find gentleness, depth and potency and wish that everyone could experience this great way of awakening to our innate inner wisdom.’ ~ EK, Voice, Yoga and Movement Medicine Facilitator.

“I experience Mari’s Somatic Movement as an opportunity to go beyond the knowing of my mind and into the knowing of my body. Mari creates a peaceful space in which I can connect and be with my embodied experience. This work is supporting the changes in my life enabling the integration of these changes in myself at a deep level.” ~ PT, Counsellor

The space was very well held, in an informal and supportive manner, allowing me to go deep into myself in a relaxed and personal way. It has helped me contact internal structures and constructs deeply. ~ NC, Storyteller, Mens Transformation Facilitator, Elder.