Befriend Your Body Services

Welcome, my name is Mari and I hope the information on my one-to-one services will guide you towards getting the right help for you or a loved one.

Are you suffering from any or all of the following:

Trauma / conflict and adverse body symptoms

Loss and grief of any kind

Eating and digestive distress

Getting on with life whilst your body, mind and health are in turmoil is a challenging task. Thinking clearly doesn’t happen when you are in discomfort or pain and things can quickly come undone.

Whilst there is not always a clear-cut pathway out of suffering, the way to balance and health can begin within the therapeutic holding of experienced and compassionate listening, and then finding new ways to relate to your mind and your body.

I offer compassionate listening and practical ways of supporting you to feel safer with your mind and body experience. I aim to help you clarify your needs, desires and healthy boundaries, supporting you to gain confidence to express them in your relationships in ways that sustain and benefit your wellbeing. Discovering your authentic expression is a deeply rewarding challenge and can bring transformation of suffering into deep peace.

If you are ready to take the next step to getting help, I offer a free 20 minute phone consultation to discuss with you possible ways forward from where you are at. Please contact me to book a mutually convenient time.

Therapy and coaching sessions are £50 per hour, or £70 for 90 minutes.

Please click here for more details of my embodied coaching services: