More people find themselves in their body

Wouldn’t the above be a great National news headline?! It could be now..! A dream being lived and a practice to help you live it! Can you feel your body on this Earth, here and now, as you read this…

The story would be about people across the colonial Westernised influenced world realising that bodies are sensitive for a reason, so we can respond to them! To me and maybe to you also, this isn’t just a fanciful thought, it feels important for the whole of life as we know it and don’t know it.

The story continues: people would grasp the concept of ‘soma’ – as the ancient Greeks (who lent us this word) did and many present-day Earth-respecting (often indigenous but also somatic revolutionaries!) people do – which is that the body lives us, adapts us, creates responses to environments and relationships and receives and processes more information than we can ever hope to know about.

But we would be collectively realising that we can relate in life huge amounts more, through our bodies, than we currently do! Soma-tic connection and movement would be valued as a practice that connects us into that intelligence. Consulting our somatic consciousness regularly would be supported rather than labelled ‘self indulgent’ by our cultural media and championed for health and wellbeing as much as our ‘keep fit’ practices.

Somatic language would be becoming more commonplace, for communicating our bodymind experience, rather than remaining a mystical concept of ‘intuitives’ or ‘psychics’ so that more and more we’d be sharing our experiences in conversation and supporting the somatic balance with and around each other for more gentle and respectful balance of expectations in life. A kind of ‘quiet’ revolution – or maybe not so quiet…

So, we can energise the ripple and if you’d like, here is an invitation to ask: how is your bodymind, your soma?

How do you check in and begin receiving yourself in this way? You may like to try things I’ve offered on my previous blog posts, or something you know works for you. Then just receive the first signals you recognise from your body, your senses, your feelings? And now is there more?

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