Living Body Movement 2020 – becoming more real

The experience of making time for yourself to become more aware and responsive to sensations in your body is a big part of becoming embodied. The environment and guidance I offer help you to relax, slow down and unwind from your day so that you can become more aware of your inner senses. Then your movement can become more authentically responsive to your inner senses, which will tend to guide you towards ease and balance rather than towards movements that make you feel uncomfortable or stressed. We live in a culture that encourages us to move only when we have to, in ways that are culturally acceptable and not bothersome to others. In my classes, the invitation is to drop that baggage at the door and come in to be yourself. How refreshing!

What if your body starts to feel unsure or unsafe? I name this potential as it can sometimes arise for people for many different reasons as they slow down and open sensitivity. I always start the guidance with a resourcing meditation which you can always come back to regain your sense of ease with your experience. I offer invitations, not instructions so you can take or leave as feels right for you. Each person has their own movement space and contact between movers is not invited so you are unhampered with the needs or enquiries of others and can really drop into your own body world. There are some group agreements around sharing the sound space and movement space and these are explained each time. You are welcome to ask me any specific questions you might have about this.

From this place the learning can begin: learning how your body wants you to be and we do this by following a specific living system in our bodies with our attention and waiting for the inner guidance to help us respond in movement, sound and restful stillness. Much of our movement in this zone comes from allowing spontaneous adjustments and letting inner energy bursts move us in randomised ways. We become more organismic and free of ‘shoulds’.