Embodied Pain Management – Sensing Safety Within

A new weekly class beginning in Cheltenham on Wednesday 19 June. 6-8pm. £15 per class or £40 for 3.

This class is for you if you are living with chronic pain in your body, you recognise that your pain is real and cannot be ‘fixed’, AND you want to enhance and enjoy more your experience of living in your body.

In this group we will familiarise ourselves with the neuroscience of pain and as a group we will foster a sense of safety and curiosity about our sensory experiences. We will create new body memories through gentle mindful movement and enhanced narratives about ourselves. Together we can build trust and confidence in our relationship to sensory experience not only in the class but also in everyday life.

Each person’s subjective experience is welcomed and witnessed as we build trust and safety together. Please contact me to book on.