Embodied Coaching

Are you up for discovering how your own body can be your coach?

You might be at the crossroads in a career, parenthood or other main occupation, looking at change and feeling a bit lost or confused.

You might be predominantly giving of yourself to the needs of others: caring or parenting, and feeling depleted and burdened.

You might be recognising you’re always on the go, and longing for, but not making time for body connection, lifestyle change and nature connection.

Perhaps therapy isn’t what you’re after, but you know people who’ve benefited from life coaching to help find the way toward making a change in their life. You have a sense of the change you need and want to make but each time you sit down to think it through, anxieties come up or an urgent email or call comes through so you get distracted.

So, maybe it’s time to create a space for your needs and accept some help? Embodied coaching can bring the focus back to you and give you a space to feel supported to imagine, dream and receive a sense of the possibilities. As your embodied coach, I’ll be alongside you and helping you hold your focus where it needs to be:

-clarifying your questions

-guiding you to connect to your internal senses

-receiving and understanding your body’s signals

-encouraging your creative imagination and integrating meaning into action

Embodied coaching guides you come back to your own inner wisdom, to recognise what resources and regenerative activities and relationships you need in your life. I offer a free 20 minute consultation on the phone and during this conversation, we can establish whether coaching is right for you at this time.

Please contact me to arrange your free 20 minute phone consultation.

Sessions are £50 per hour, or £70 for 90 minutes.