Online embodied support

There are many reasons why you might be feeling anxiety or fear at this time. Connection with others is often an antidote to fear, however since Covid19 has spread rapidly and we are being told to socially distance and isolate, I’ve been looking for ways to support connection between people and ways to soften the blow of isolation from embodied contact.

I’m offering a regular zoom meditation circle where I guide your imaginal sense to create an inner environment with features that you choose to bring calm, uninterrupted recuperative rest to your nervous system. This lasts for about 10-15 minutes and then we have sharing time to offer each other the resource from our own inner resource place. I ask for a donation of £3-5 for each group, please donate via the paypal button below.

Contact me to enquire about the next meditation group and I will continue to offer this online space at various times.

Discover embodied connection to a Tree – an audio to accompany you

I’ve discovered over years that trees can be wonderful companions to me in the ups and downs as well as the flat times in my life. The times I’ve spent in connection with them have usually been wordless, and often times my body senses and emotions become more vivid and energised.

Perhaps it is the biochemical atmosphere around trees which nourishes and supports our breath and vitality and feels conducive to softening and energising our bodies. Do you ever wonder what your exhaled breath offers to trees and plant-life around you?

I feel also that there is something directly communicated between my skin and the skin of a tree through contact with my hand or arm, and that this communication evokes movement in my body and emotional expression – often subtly and with time. Leaning my spine against the trunk of a tree brings my attention to my muscles and energy levels. I don’t think much when I’m with trees, often receiving a sense that I don’t need to be any particular way and am welcome as I am. I often revisit the same trees, wondering if they recognise me as I recognise them. It’s a wonderful mystery that I’m exploring!

I hope you’ll find the audio guidance helpful to you if you are doing this for the first time, or if you value a structure for finding connection to your own senses. If you are experienced in being with trees, this audio might just offer you another perspective which is very much focused on body senses as a channel for receiving and giving connection to trees. Enjoy!

If you’re interested in developing your relationship with Nature as a two-way process, I co-facilitate nature immersion groups in Stroud and Box and you can find out dates and venues here.

Living Body Movement 2020 – becoming more real

The experience of making time for yourself to become more aware and responsive to sensations in your body is a big part of becoming embodied. The environment and guidance I offer help you to relax, slow down and unwind from your day so that you can become more aware of your inner senses. Then your movement can become more authentically responsive to your inner senses, which will tend to guide you towards ease and balance rather than towards movements that make you feel uncomfortable or stressed. We live in a culture that encourages us to move only when we have to, in ways that are culturally acceptable and not bothersome to others. In my classes, the invitation is to drop that baggage at the door and come in to be yourself. How refreshing!

What if your body starts to feel unsure or unsafe? I name this potential as it can sometimes arise for people for many different reasons as they slow down and open sensitivity. I always start the guidance with a resourcing meditation which you can always come back to regain your sense of ease with your experience. I offer invitations, not instructions so you can take or leave as feels right for you. Each person has their own movement space and contact between movers is not invited so you are unhampered with the needs or enquiries of others and can really drop into your own body world. There are some group agreements around sharing the sound space and movement space and these are explained each time. You are welcome to ask me any specific questions you might have about this.

From this place the learning can begin: learning how your body wants you to be and we do this by following a specific living system in our bodies with our attention and waiting for the inner guidance to help us respond in movement, sound and restful stillness. Much of our movement in this zone comes from allowing spontaneous adjustments and letting inner energy bursts move us in randomised ways. We become more organismic and free of ‘shoulds’.

Restorative Touch – a new short course this March!

Are you feeling estranged from nurturing touch in your life? You are not alone. Restorative touch is a birthright which, in our touch-phobic society, is often lost to us as we grow older.

This new course will start on 1st March and run weekly for four Sunday afternoons. It’s an ideal chance to rediscover touch that feels safe, nurturing and restorative in a closed, facilitated group. The course is a special and unique journey with respectful nourishing touch that will build your confidence and support your health and wellbeing.

Please get in touch to enquire and book on as we have limited spaces.

An Audio Time Out / Check In

This audio encourages you to check in with your body and mind. I encourage you to take yourself somewhere with privacy and space to lie down or to move.

During the ‘festive’ period at the end of the year, there are heightened emotions and tensions. Whether we come together with family/friends or feel alone and unsure what we are doing, it’s easy to feel lost and unsure how to be with ourselves in healthy balance.

Either way, we often get drawn ‘out’ of ourselves which means we might neglect our feelings or feel we have to contain and hide them in order to please others. If we ignore our feelings too long, they will become overwhelming. If this is true for you, then you might find it useful to take time regularly to check in with yourself.

My intention is to encourage you to accept what you find and to give time to attend to yourself, however if what you are feeling seems overwhelming or unmanageable, I encourage you to ask for help. If you feel alone with your feelings or circumstances, and unable to reach out to people you know, you may want to enquire about confidential therapeutic support. You can contact me here to request a free 20 minute telephone conversation and I can help you take the next step to getting support.

Touch as Nourishment in a touch-phobic culture

Give yourself a couple of minutes before and after to get settled and enjoy the aftereffects!

Our bodies are designed to be nurtured with touch, yet the scope and value of the tactile sense is so misunderstood in our touch-phobic culture, that most of us might not give it much thought or time. It might be that you only receive our own touch in order to ease discomfort, for example if you injure yourself or feel an irritation. Less often, you might touch your body to soothe or enliven your nervous system, for example stroking or rubbing the skin, or squeezing your limbs. You might also recognise the need to touch and be touched in order to connect your body to your environment and to people in your life. But how much do enjoy this tactile sense and allow it to nourish you in your life?

In this audio recording, I’m guiding you through a 3 layered touch experience with your own hands, starting with the surface skin, deepening into the soft tissues underneath and then into the bones.

This is an exercise in receiving your own touch as well as giving it, feeling what you feel not only in your hands, but in your whole body at each level. I hope you will enjoy it and take longer than the length of the recording because you are enjoying it so much! You can repeat this many times and each time it will be different and still nourishing. As with all of the practices I am offering you a simple way to enjoy your own body and discover your embodied knowing about what you like and need.

If you like this approach to touch, and want to develop your own experience and practice, you might be interested to contact me for one or more embodied coaching sessions. There are often barriers in the way of deeper self-connection and I can support you to use this technique to connect in other areas of the body, settling more inwards and gaining more confidence in your awareness deeper in.

Being in the movement – spinal curl

There’s a possibility to drop into the timelessness of the body when we engage our attention in a very slow, simple, intentional movement. Glacial movement happened very slowly, elements carving into the rocks. As we move slowly in a direction we know, we can feel grounded and safely open our attention around the movement to notice the sensations, allowing more detail in to inform us in the direction and extent of the movement that is right for our bodies. This exercise invites slowness and I hope that by witnessing how slowly I move, you will feel a quality of presence that transmits a permission to be slow, attentive and timeless in your movement.

As usual, I encourage you to be safe, find a position that really suits you for this and to develop and evolve the movement practice to go with your own flow, your body structure. Being in movement is the intention and then enjoy the presence you feel emerging in your bodyself during and afterwards.

This exercise can relax, refresh and resource your nervous system. If you valued this exercise and would like to engage in more extensive and varied somatic movement practice that fosters a timeless yet grounded presence and a safer, healthier body, please contact me to find out more about movement groups and somatic coaching or therapy.

Breath over thoughts – slowing down your mind and body.

This exercise is good for letting go of thinking about outside issues, particularly if you caught up in thinking, finding it hard to let go. It also gives you a sense of how breathing differently influences how alert or relaxed you feel in yourself. The structure I offer switches the method of breathing regularly. This helps you come into the moment immediately to notice the sensations caused by inhaling and exhaling. Take time to feel your connection to the ground and your heart before you start the video.

In the video I am describing and modelling one round of the exercise. You may wish to repeat this exercise or adapt it by repeating more rounds of one of the methods. Notice how it affects your relationship with your breath, your mind and the balance of relaxation or alertness in your nervous system.

As usual, if you feel pain or resistence to any of the methods – please listen to your instincts. Ask yourself if this is indicating you should stop, slow down with the exercise or come back to your normal way of breathing. I encourage you to notice insights from your body which may arise during the exercise or afterwards, in relation to your health and wellbeing. If you feel you may benefit from a session with me to explore any symptoms or insights, please contact me for a free 20 minute phone consultation and we can discuss your needs.

short self care practices to bring you closer to your body

This post is the first of a series which will bring video and audio guidance for embodied connection and nurture. Befriending your body in simple ways like these offers so much potential for supporting health and wellbeing. This is a relationship with yourself that you can grow with and increasingly, you can find emotional, physical and psychological balance through this relational contact with your body.

This Breath, Heart and Ground attention practice is simple and effective for relaxing and stablising your nervous system in your body.

In this video I’m guiding focus to connect you to your body, breath and heart whilst feeling anchored on Earth. I am in the practice as I guide it, to support you to really drop in to your own somatic experience and the resourcing from these simple orientations.

I hope you will enjoy this practice and adapt it to suit you in different situations, e.g. when you feel stressed or need a quick break from intense activity or interactions with others. If you wish to move or stretch your body during and after the video ends, this can further nourish and resource you! If anything physical or emotional arises which you want to explore in a therapy or coaching session, please contact me to book your free 20 minute phone consultation.