Being in the movement – spinal curl

There’s a possibility to drop into the timelessness of the body when we engage our attention in a very slow, simple, intentional movement. Glacial movement happened very slowly, elements carving into the rocks. As we move slowly in a direction we know, we can feel grounded and safely open our attention around the movement to notice the sensations, allowing more detail in to inform us in the direction and extent of the movement that is right for our bodies. This exercise invites slowness and I hope that by witnessing how slowly I move, you will feel a quality of presence that transmits a permission to be slow, attentive and timeless in your movement.

As usual, I encourage you to be safe, find a position that really suits you for this and to develop and evolve the movement practice to go with your own flow, your body structure. Being in movement is the intention and then enjoy the presence you feel emerging in your bodyself during and afterwards.

This exercise can relax, refresh and resource your nervous system. If you valued this exercise and would like to engage in more extensive and varied somatic movement practice that fosters a timeless yet grounded presence and a safer, healthier body, please contact me to find out more about movement groups and somatic coaching or therapy.