Adapting to Comfort

ten minutes for you arrive in deep body-directed comfort… enjoy!

Stress is so prevalent for many of us and builds with out us noticing to intolerably high levels. Like all animals, humans are adaptable in order to survive but survival doesn’t always accommodate comfort and ease. This is a meditation to help you get into the frame of mind that encourages ease and comfort. If you lead a busy lifestyle where stress builds up, this meditation can help you with a question: how can you use adaptation to help you to feel more at ease in yourself? It might help you to allow in more space for comfort and ease.

It is important to adapt our habits and environments to enhance our sense of comfort in our lives. This felt sense of comfort positively impacts our health because it reduces stress and brings ease in our body’s self-restorative functions. This won’t compromise your ability to get things done and may even support you to feel well as you do!

The intention for this 10 minutes is to take your attention into your body, notice and receive guidance as to what you need to adapt to feel more at ease within. Notice what you can change in your environment to support that. You can refer to my earlier post about creating a sanctuary at home and making uninterrupted space for self care.