About Mari

Welcome to Befriend Your Body Therapies, I’m Mari Winkelman, an experienced body-oriented counsellor and therapist.

If you’re looking for support that integrates your body experience with your emotional and existential challenges, my approach to therapy will offer you this.

I know from personal experience how much body and health symptoms can impact on my sense of self and my life. I’ve also found that the symptoms led me to to a deeper truth about myself, which is now at the foundation of my approach to life. I’ve come to this work after seeking support for myself, and cultivating a new relationship with my body that has enabled me to change the way I meet challenges in my life and create possibility again and again.

I named my service Befriend Your Body, because my vocation is to help you understand and nurture your relationship with your body just as you are. If you want to reach out for support, and regain confidence and a sense of your own inner guidance, do contact me, as I may be able to help you.

As a white, able-bodied, gay woman, living in an area and within a society dominated by the white, heterosexual and cisgendered, ablist value systems and privileges, I recognise that I am part of this culture. There will be assumptions and cultural ‘blind spots’ which I am accountable for in any therapeutic relationship. I seek to actively work with this awareness and uphold the value of diverse cultural, ethnic, gender and sexual identities, as well as enabling people with varied physical and sensory abilities to access my services.

I offer a free 20 minute consultation to discuss your options Click here for help to take the next step to a new way forward!

My qualifications: 

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Psychosynthesis Counselling (2007) from the Psychosynthesis and Education Trust in London PET
  • MA in dance and somatic wellbeing (2009) from the University of Central Lancashire UCLAN.
  • Post Graduate Diploma Integrative Body and Movement Therapy (2016) from the Institute for Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy IBMT. 
  • Professional Training in Contemporary Trauma Practice (2017) by Relational Change Training led by Miriam Taylor

I receive clinical supervision for all one-to-one work that I do. My work is influenced by my life experience and my training in Authentic Movement with Linda Hartley and Arnold and Amy Mindell’s Process Work.

I am registered and accredited with Association for Humanistic Psychology Practitioners (UKAHPP) and adhere to their ethical code of practice.

I am registered with International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA) and adhere to their ethical code of practice.