Integrative Embodied Counselling

Integrative, embodied counselling is a talking therapy which supports the whole of you, including your physical and spiritual experience along with your thoughts and feelings.

The aim of my counselling work is to support you to feel more at peace and more at home in your own skin.

I listen and support you to explore whatever pain, concerns, conflicts or confusion you may bring to sessions. I give you space to feel connected to yourself and together, we reflect and clarify the meaning of your experiences for you. From this place of acceptance, positive change and fulfilment of your intentions can unfold. Taking time, being listened to, you can find what you need within you to grow, and to flourish in ways you never believed possible.

Additionally, where appropriate to your concerns, I can offer relevant education from neuroscience, which can help explain how distress from the past influences the development of the reactions you may be having to stress and traumatic events in the present. This influence can be felt in your thoughts and emotions as well as in your physical health conditions. If you are open to it, I can offer mindfulness and body awareness practices in sessions, which can support you in everyday life to de-stress and understand what is happening more clearly in your feeling experience.

Please see the one-to-one page for my credentials.

Sessions last 60 minutes and cost £50. Please contact me if you want to enquire more or book an initial session.