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Photo by Christian Kipp at Somatic Gathering UK 2017

I’ve been facilitating somatic movement explorations for over ten years. I feel that now more than ever, one of the best investments we can all make is in the health and wellbeing of our body and mind. One way to encourage ourselves to make this investment is to join an embodied movement exploration group! The groups I offer focus on the feeling experience of our physical bodies, which comes from the fact that our bodies are constantly moving, breathing, pulsing, adjusting posture and in processes of digestion, metabolism and cleansing. These miraculous processes are often below our mental radars so attending a group like this will allow you to open and discover how this feels and moves in you! When we recognise the aliveness in our bodies, understand the sensations we feel, we can support the balance of life more effectively by learning to recognise our body’s sensory feelings or pleasure, discomfort, neutral calm, excitement, danger and safety. These also guide our ability to express our authority in any given environment. Safety is a feeling of balance within us, and we can feel safe enough to be curious playful explorers, learning about our authenticity and authority, and engaging in more of life within and around us!

Exploring your experience of embodied movement in a group encourages the practice of self-regulation, co-regulation and being inspired by others.

You slow down enough to recognise what your needs are and how to self-care

You recognise and allow pleasurable sensations in your body, encouraging positive feelings

All my facilitated groups encourage your curiosity and non-judgment about your movement and body.

copywrite Christian Kipp at Somatic Movement Gathering 2018 in London.

Mari’s session combined a technical understanding of the body with an inner looking. During her session, she created a space that allowed me to see and welcome a deeper vulnerability, which previously I had been unable to witness. ~ M, recent class participant Oct 2018.

In my guided movement explorations, I support you to discover creativity and vulnerability; to develop compassion and connection to yourself as a bodymind. Sharing this experience with others can feel challenging and freeing in equal measure, however, when there is a common intention, to be curious and nonjudgmental, this invokes our human capacity to connect with our hearts, which is often lost in our disembodied culture.

Contact me if you are interested in hosting or organising for me to run a workshop or include my offering in a retreat programme. I enjoy collaborating to create the ideal combination of movement, body awareness and psychoeducation topics to support your client group to benefit in body, mind and spirit. I do work indoors and in nature, depending on the intention for the group and individuals’ ability to move and aclimatise to the elements and seasons.

If you are new to my work and want to ask any questions, feel free to get in touch via the contact page on this site and i will respond asap.

What previous workshop participants have said:
‘Through journeying with Mari’s ‘Finding home in your body’ work I have been opened to healing, presence and peace. In her facilitating I find gentleness, depth and potency and wish that everyone could experience this great way of awakening to our innate inner wisdom.’ ~ EK, group participant.

I experience Mari’s Somatic Movement as an opportunity to go beyond the knowing of my mind and into the knowing of my body. Mari creates a peaceful space in which I can connect and be with my embodied experience. This work is supporting the changes in my life enabling the integration of these changes in myself at a deep level. ~ PT, group participant

The space was very well held, in an informal and supportive manner, allowing me to go deep into myself in a relaxed and personal way. It has helped me contact internal structures and constructs deeply. ~ NC, group participant