One-to-One work

I offer therapeutic and coaching support around the following issues:

  • Stress, anxiety, relational traumas and embodied shock
  • Chronic pain and recovery from injury
  • depression and disconnection from their body
  • Grief, loss and bereavement
  • Chronic health issues and degenerative physical conditions
  • Eating and addictive patterns which are causing distress
  • Feeling stuck in life, feeling desire to connect to a sense of purpose and creativity

For each of us it works differently to use words, mindfulness, body-oriented focus and movement to get in touch more deeply with our experience.

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Integrative Embodied Therapy

Embodied Coaching








Befriend your Body therapy and coaching are tailored to you as an unique person. I am dedicated to support you with your intention to find the way to balance and peace in yourself. When we are suffering deeply, we often lose sight of our creativity and this is normal, but it doesn’t mean we don’t have it.

My intention is to be present ‘alongside’ you and using the approaches which work best for you, I support you to explore what you sense, feel and think, which includes both the problems or painful feelings and the aspects of you that can be of support or resource you. This is how we can bring you back to a creative relationship with your life and your health.

With all my clients, I focus on creating a clear, reliable therapeutic relationship with a contract and regular opportunities to feed back on our work together.

Initial session: When we first meet, the session is a bit more formally structured whilst we acquaint ourselves with each other: I will ask you some standard information about yourself, explain more about how I work and answer your questions. This is an opportunity for both of us feel into whether we could work well together. I will also give you relevant information about confidentiality and cancellation. After this, I hold the space in your sessions for you and your concerns and periodically we evaluate how things are going to ensure you are getting what you need.