Integrative Body and Movement Therapy

Integrative Body and Movement Therapy is suitable for people who are familiar with body therapies or may be new to body work but have an interest in knowing more and working more with their physical expression of themselves. This approach also gets straight to the point with health and physical conditions which stem from stress, repetitive strains, early life trauma, relationship issues, psychological and emotional pain and conflict, injuries, long-term illnesses or chronic conditions.

credit Christian Kipp @ Somatic Gathering UK

I facilitate people’s relationship with their body and physical expression through talking, guiding mindful movement exercises, occasionally using anatomy reference sources and bringing awareness via informed methods of touch. Each method can help people to become more open to what their body symptoms are saying. I have a clear, negotiable contract for each method of working so you can ask about these and change how we work at each moment.

My approach is sensitive to your current relationship to your body, building on what you already know and feel. The movement practices give structure, safety and clarity for the therapeutic work we do together and will be tailored to your needs and explained and clarified with you at each stage of our work. I aim to let you set the pace to empower you to develop your own connection and relationship to your body, and the work we do together.









I offer sessions from my therapy room (above) in Stroud. Sessions normally last between 60-90 minutes and cost £50-70.

Contact me to find out more and book an initial session. To see my credentials, please visit my one-to-one page. If you are interested in the theory and schools of practice which underpin my approach, follow the link: Integrative Body and Movement Therapy. You’ll find my name on the practitioners list.