Embodied Coaching

Are you up for discovering how your own body can be your coach?

My embodied coaching approach has evolved out of my body and movement therapy framework for connecting our sensate body experience more consciously to our thinking and evaluating process.

Embodied coaching focuses on reconnecting you to the authority of your inner senses which are often the very signals we overlook and override!

When you engage in embodied coaching with me, you will re-connect to your interoception (inner organ sensations) and recognise deeper needs and guiding principles. Harnessing inner guidance will then become integral as your guide in everyday life as well as in relation to the bigger questions.

I am delighted to already have witnessed the real shift in clients who arrive with stress and confusion around a specific issue, and who then depart an hour later with new trust in their deeper knowing how to proceed with the questions they face.

As your embodied coach, I am your witness, visually and in body awareness. I help you make sense of your experience in body and mind.

I employ guided mindfulness, invitate you to allow free movement and engage in reflective dialogue to integrate and formulate your embodied experience into direction and choice with the issues you explore. Insights concerning a particular existential or creative enquiry or challenge can come through more clearly that support you to move towards acceptance of what is and creative direction with next steps.

My support will also include helping you recognise what most gets in the way of your connection to your inner wisdom and offering strategies for returning to clear connection to your guidance when this happens. Thus embodied coaching supports your resilience and creativity for the longer term.

Examples of issues that clients bring to embodied coaching are:

-you might be at the crossroads in a career, parenthood or other main occupation, looking at change and feeling a bit lost or confused. Embodied coaching can be the space for you to feel supported to imagine, dream and receive the possibilities from your inner senses and gain confidence in your inner guidance as the first stage of planning change.

-you might be predominantly giving of yourself to the needs of others: caring or parenting, and feeling depleted and burdened so embodied coaching can bring the focus back to you and your needs in balance with what you give to others.

-you might be recovering from a long-term illness or injury and embodied coaching can support  you to find a deeper connection with your body’s needs, which in turn guide you as to what resources and regenerative activities and relationships you need in your life.

-you might be recognising how a deeper connection and care for your own body would support you living more fully. You could benefit from coaching for cultivating your own self-care, self-nourishment practice including body connection, lifestyle and nature connection preferences and routines.

Please contact me if you would like to book a session. I offer a free 20 minute consultation on the phone and during this conversation, we can establish whether coaching is right for you at this time. Sessions are £50 per hour, or £70 for 90 minutes.