Embodied Movement Classes starting 30 April!

Returning to your Body – Embodied enquiry, movement and revelations! (click image for flier)
The series offers a sacred time for you to reconnect within the world of your living body. Using experiential anatomy maps from Linda Hartley’s lineage of BMC, Mari has developed ways to take you into your skin, inner tissues, muscles, bones, organs and fluids through facets of your experiential anatomy, exploring what you feel as you rest into gravity, allow emergent movement and sound and feel contact to the external environment. This is a window out of ‘everyday reality’ and you will have the space and time to explore what you perceive via your nervous system and imagination, through which you can recreate your reality!

These classes are ideal for you if you are:
-seeking more balance between habit and creativity
-experiencing health challenges or limited mobility
-desiring companionship in a group where we share our different-from-usual perspectives on living in a body!
There will be seven studio sessions and a session in Nature.
Please book ahead: £100 for all 8 sessions; £50 for 3 sessions; £20 for 1 session. For concessions, please contact me 🙂