short self care practices to bring you closer to your body

This post is the first of a series which will bring video and audio guidance for embodied connection and nurture. Befriending your body in simple ways like these offers so much potential for supporting health and wellbeing. This is a relationship with yourself that you can grow with and increasingly, you can find emotional, physical and psychological balance through this relational contact with your body.

This Breath, Heart and Ground attention practice is simple and effective for relaxing and stablising your nervous system in your body.

In this video I’m guiding focus to connect you to your body, breath and heart whilst feeling anchored on Earth. I am in the practice as I guide it, to support you to really drop in to your own somatic experience and the resourcing from these simple orientations.

I hope you will enjoy this practice and adapt it to suit you in different situations, e.g. when you feel stressed or need a quick break from intense activity or interactions with others. If you wish to move or stretch your body during and after the video ends, this can further nourish and resource you! If anything physical or emotional arises which you want to explore in a therapy or coaching session, please contact me to book your free 20 minute phone consultation.